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    DMX Crashing on Launch

      Hi currently using: Dreamweaver MX (DMX) Version 6.1 (not DMX04) OS 10.4.8. G4 Tower, 1st Generation.

      Never had a problem w/ DM04 before, ever. Worked perfectly yesterday. Application crashing on launch. Seems like the initial green welcome screen pops up, it starts initializing items... the last item seen before quitting is Initializing Code Coloring Data (I think?)

      These are the trouble shooting items I have attempted: Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

      1) Deleted related MX04 Preferences in Users > Library > Preferences. Result: Same
      2) Changed name of Configuration folder to "xConfiguration" Result: An error box appears with the DM04 symbol but no text telling me what the problem is. essentially it;s a blank error message, or a message that won't load
      3) Looked through past forums and online support, nothing I didn't really know written there (ie: Yes I have enough RAM to run program, etc)
      (4) Removing CodeColoring folder items. Result: same
      (5) Changing CodeColoring folder name to xCodeColoring Result: same

      Signed ( BUMMED! ) - chris