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    Correct components for clickable tile editor?


      Now that i've got the backend for my level editor done, I need to create what is essentially a 400x400 grid, separated into 20x20 squares, which can be clicked on to place an enemy in that position inside my Grid object.


      Once the enemy tile is laid, there should be input to assign values, such as which enemy type is there, some attack and approach variables, etc.


      My problem is that i'm not sure what type of component to use for this clickable grid. I'm afraid the answer is going to be to use a flash component, as I am a programmer and as such am unfamiliar with Flash or programming therein. I was hoping there might be a programmatic solution to this, possibly to have a list of the tile images, which could then be dragged onto the grid?


      I'm not looking for someone to code this for me, just to be turned in the right direction.