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    Why do Stratus always block my IP?


      I am developing a flash chat website using Stratus.  When I did testing, say 10 connections to Stratus per minute, Stratus always blocked my IP  for 20 minutes!  How come? Does Adobe have limitations on connection to its Stratus service?  


      Protocol:  UDP (Inbound)

      Remote Address: : 1935

      Local Address: :3105

      Location: Default 


      A remote computer ( attempted to connect to your computer on a  port commonly used by a remote access Trojan

      horse. The attempt was blocked.


      A computer with the IP address attempted to connect to your computer using Default Block DeepThroat Trojan horse.


      Although Stratus is free, I don't want the users of my website to have such an experience. Can Adobe staff give a reasonable explanation?  Thanks in advance.

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          AdamLane Level 1

          I can speak to half of your question:

          My guess is that you have Norton AntiVirus installed.  RTMFP will use the UDP protocol.  It looks like Norton AV is mistakenly reporting the RTMFP packet as a 'potential intrusion'.  It sounds like Norton has a generic block which is misidentifying and disallowing this network activity.

          It's a "paranoid" firewall.  You'll have to configure it to be less paranoid.  It is annoying when AV software blocks legitimate operations.

          A google search seems to indicate that this is a common occurence with many applications.  I wish I had a more specific recommendation for you, but I do not run Norton AV myself.

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            Eddie@adobe Level 1

            Bingo, that's the reason!  Thanks, Adamlane!