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    Fetching process & task details assigned to a group


      Hi everybody,


      I'm planning to integrate a workflow created with Adobe Process Manager with a web application developed in Java.


      The workflow is designed in such a way the tasks first gets assigned to a group queue and users belonging to the group claim tasks and after performing the required operations, forward it to the next group queue.


      The invocation of processes, claiming tasks & re-assigning it further are all planned to be performed with Adobe's Livecycle APIs available in Java.


      Following is the problem that I'm currently faing:


      After successfully creating a new instance of the process, performing a search on the available processes / tasks does not return the newly created process (as it is initally assigned to a group and not to the user who is performing the search operation - even with administrator).


      In such a scenario, requesting guidance (using Java APIs) on how to fetch the details of the process & tasks related with the process that is assigned to a group please.


      Expecting a favourable reply at the earliest pls (as it is really needed urgently)...Thanx.