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    Editing Camtasia AVI files in CS5?

    Snarky7D Level 1



      Previousely I have had no problems editing Techsmith Camtasia Studio files in Adobe Premiere CS4 and previous. However, with CS5 I do not see the TSCC (Techsmith Screen Capture Codec) on the list of Codecs that can be worked with even though it is installed. Maybe something to do with 64bit?


      My workflow is that I would rough edit the captured video in Camtasia Studio, export it as an AVI file using the TSCC losless codec.


      I would then create a new project in Premiere and choose a custom editing mode from the General Tab and choose Techsmith as the editing mode. Choose the frame rate, frame size, square pixels, progressive etc.


      Now with CS5, Techsmith does not even show up as an option, only desktop editing mode.


      If I use desktop as the setting and I import my AVI file, I only get the audio and not the video, so it seems like Premiere can't see the codec.


      Any suggestions on how to get this to work as I prefer to work in Premiere's edit mode.