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    ViewStack default property

    RUSH-ME Level 3

      Hi folks


      I need the default property of the viewstack. Or may be for container.

      I googled in doc and source code. but uncertain about the default property?




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          You want list of default proeprties ... or which default property...

          Question is not clear...

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            RUSH-ME Level 3

            According to my knowledge there should be one default property for viewstack or container.

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              VRPDeveloper Level 3

              I think you want to know which is the default layout of viewstack... but My Friend A ViewStack navigator container consists of a collection of child   containers stacked on top of each other, where only one child   at a time is visible.


              Viewstack is not used to layout components it is used to make child container visible according to selectedindex or selectedchild...


              Hope you got my point!!!


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                RUSH-ME Level 3



                Sorry to tell you that I think you are unware about default Property. Default property for datagrid is dataprovider. Like that way I want to know the default property of ViewStack or Container. If that exists let me know.


                With Warm Regards


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                  BhaskerChari Level 4

                  Hi Rush-me,


                  Either selectedIndex or the selectedChild might be the default property for the ViewStack.


                  When you add a new child to a ViewStack container, the selectedIndex property is automatically adjusted, if necessary, so that the selected child remains selected.


                  But can I know why are so particular in knowing that ..I mean whats your purpose..with it?



                  Bhasker Chari

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                    RUSH-ME Level 3

                    Hi Bhaskar


                    Thanks for your time.

                    Its only curiosity. We are adding children to a viewstack or container without specifing any tags for that. So I think thare is a default property which is taking children as array or some thing like that.if i can know that property I add all the children at a time without calling addChild() again and again.


                    With Warm Regards