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    Password Protect?


      My company is looking to sell music/video files:


      We currently sell DVD's, however we have been thinking of the idea of instead of sending the DVD we burn in Premiere, can we just send the link for them to watch? The real question however is that can we password protect these files that we are sending to people. If i want to send a file to a customer, I want it password protected so only they can watch it because if there isn't one, than anyone can watch the video and the company is losing money. Any idea if it is at all possible to send files so only they can watch it?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Google for DRM = Digital Rights Management


          You MAY find a way to put a password inside a file... no flavor of Premiere does that (that I know of)

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            LevinLevin44 Level 1

            Thanks, that helps a lot!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              John's suggestion would be the only way to protect the files (many sites allow password protection, but that will differ site to site), as one cannot Burn any DVD with Copy Protection. Only a replicated, pressed discs can contain Copy Protection, and PrE cannot Burn to a DLT for Mastering. Some houses can replicate from a DVD Master, but PrE does not allow one to embed Copy Protection, as it is a consumer program.


              Even when one replicates a disc, the Copy Protection is easily broken by readily available software from the Internet.


              Good luck,



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                LevinLevin44 Level 1

                I know this has nothing to do with Premiere, but was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the issue. I have been doing some research into Digital Rights Management, and from what i saw it allows you to impose restrictions on a file. Correct? It allows me to protect files/prevent privacy. I was trying to look at software for this, and I began getting confused. The software allows you to put a password on the file? What exactly do these software programs do?

                Basically, what my company is hoping to do is instead of sending out DVD's, CD's, etc that they paid for. We want to just send out files that people can download them and have them on their computer. The problem we are running into is that if we do this, people can just send these files to anyone they want and our company would lose money. Is this where something like Digital Rights Management comes in?


                Sorry for this being a random thought, but just looking for some aid on the issue.




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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It may be that someone with DRM experience will read this and reply


                  I know that the initials DRM stand for something... but have NO idea how it is implemented


                  I think you need to keep reading, and find DRM vendors... and then go to their web sites to see what they claim they can do for you

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    At a lower level, you could archive the files with RAR (WinRAR is a good program), and then password protect the RAR volumes. One would need that password to use a RAR program to Extract the AV file from within, and then play it.


                    Not sure which programs allow one to add DRM (Digital Rights Management) to an AV file, but I would guess that they might be more expensive, than WinRAR, or similar. Also, most that I have seen, or read of, only work with WMV files, and not MPEG, or most flavors of AVI.


                    Just something to think about,