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    Cross Platform, Cross Browser Issues


      Hi Folks, me again! Sorry, but I really need some help..


      I'm working with Flash Catalyst on the Mac and I'm running into issues when publishing/running my project.

      It renders correctly on Firefox on the Mac. However, I need it to render correctly on Firefox on Windows as well.


      But the spacing is rendering incorrectly and the fonts are not working either.

      I've clicked the embed fonts checkbox and no joy.

      Does catalyst typically produce an output that renders across all browsers and platforms?


      Any information would be much appreciated. I have to have this iron out from Friday for usability testing.


      Thanking you,


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Embedding the fonts should solve that issue. You might want to make sure that the browser is not using a cached version of the project. You may have fixed it, but not seen it due to browser displaying an older copy. I will add a small version number on-screen in a corner while developing to make sure that browser is behaving correctly.


          You also might to make sure that font can be embedded. Flash Catalyst only supports TrueType and OpenType font formats.


          Hope this helps,