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    Clearing fields on the new call




      I have  a MAIN Flex app where the user sign in and gets to a menu; one of the menu options is to change the password. This is a separate Flex app and it is loaded from the MAIN one using a SWFLoader Module.

      The problem appears if the user, let's say, changed his mind and sign-off without finishing to change the password. If another user comes and sign in in the same browser, the second user could see (okay, the fields are showed like passwords (****) but still...) what previous user entered and the messages he received...

      My question is, how is it possible to reset the fields every time when the module is loaded? I tried to do it using a reset function for Initialize, ApplicationComplete, Added... properties for the called app, but nothing worked (it looks like after first load, the called app is not loaded anymore, it is used the previously loaded one).

      I, also, tried to unload it using UnloadAndStop() method every time when the user sign off; didn't work, was still there...


      Any help would be appreciated, as usual.


      Thank you.