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    need to target movieclip within a movieclip?


      Hi guys,


      I have some buttons working great on my main timeline using this code on the actual timeline:


      Revlon_hit.onRollOver = function(){
      Revlon_hit.onRollOut = function(){
      Revlon_hit.onRelease = function() {


          container._x = -10 ;
          container._y = 5 ;




      So the button I have is a movie clip with an invisible button  above and the code makes the button move a little when you hover over and then it opens the page for that button.


      This works great but the problem is having everything on the main timeline means I cant move them  around the stage easily as each button has a little animation when it first appears, and if I  move it I have to keep re-doing the animation.


      So I know I need to make Revlon_mc into another movieclip (so I can do the actual animation inside this movie clip and move it easily around the main timeline) but I'm not what the code would be (something to do with parent perhaps??) and would I still keep the code on the main timeline or would it sit within the new moviclip just created?


      Any help would be much appreciated!!


      Thank you!