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    Baggage File Problems in RoboHelp 6.0

      v. RoboHTML (RoboHelp 6.0)
      OS: Windows XP
      IE 7.0

      When I try to add a folder to my project, or when I try to add a folder to my Baggage Files, the application adds the folders to the true directory structure in my operating system but refuses to add it to the project in RoboHTML. This was originally an intermittant problem and it is the just the way it is.

      In X5 I could get around a problem like this (which *did* happen fairly often) by editing the rhbag file directly. Version 6 does not use an rhbag file (apparently). Any suggested workarounds?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Bebe Robobo and welcome to our community

          While I've not encountered this myself, I'm thinking you might work past it as follows:

          1. Delete the folder using Windows Explorer
          2. From inside the HTML Files (topics) folder of your project pane, create the folder.
          3. Add an HTML file to the folder. (this is only a temporary step)
          4. Now, within your Baggage Files folder, open the folder and add the file there.
          5. Once the file has been added, delete the HTML file you created in step 2.

          Let us know if or how well this works! Rick
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            Bebe_Robobo Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Here is how I resolved it.

            Perhaps I should have mentioned that I generate my topics in Dreamweaver with separate folders for the pages and images and stylesheet. I copy the folders to a separate directory where I compile them to Webhelp using Robohelp. (I can't think of a reason why this should cause a problem.

            I never use absolute references for my hyperlinks and images.

            So anyway, here is how I resolved my problem:

            1. I deleted everything from my RoboHelp project directory.
            2. I copied the project folders back into the RoboHelp project directory and made a new project.
            3. Now, when I add folders to the HTML Files (Topics) section it does what it always does (this is nothing new):
            a.) I right-click on HTML Files (Topics) and select New Folder.
            b.) A new folder flashes under HTML Files (Topics) and then disappears. Nothing is added to the OS directory structure.
            c.) I repeat step a.) and this time it works. I can add the new folder to the HTML Files Topics section.
            d.) I repeat steps a.) thru c.) for each folder to be added.

            The added folders are also added to the Baggage Files automatically. I add the necessary files in those folders to my baggage files.

            It seems to me that there is something wrong with RoboHTML in the 6.0 version (represented in steps a-d). Actually, the add Baggage File issue was a problem in X5 (I used it on a different project on a different system).
            I don't understand why this current issue isn't a more widely reported bug.