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    Flex Forms


      I am taking a look at Flex 4 (and Flash Builder 4) to see if it is viable for an Enterprise IT application that we will be developing. I have just started my research and so far I like much of what I see. However, given that our applications are "form" intensive and many of those forms are complex in nature, I am concerned about Flex's capability in that area. I tried the Flex "Form" under Layouts in the Components and found it nice for very simple forms but totally unsuited for complex (multi-column, components spanning multiple rows/columns, etc.). I played around using Form in conjunction with other layouts but that seemed awkward at best.  I looked in the "Tour De Flex" and did a general web search but did not come up with much. There were some efforts that looked unfinished or speciifc to certain situations but found nothing that I would bet the farm on yet. But I am new to Flex so may not be looking in all the right places. Any advice appreciated.

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          John Hall Level 4

          I have had uneven success with forms so I roll my own. However, google Deepa's blog post on the upcoming spark form classes.

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            ludwig95 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply and I found Deepa's blog post intersting as well as its internal link to:



            It sounds like they have some direction here but leaves me concerned about making a move to Flex in the short term. I also noted a section in that same blog post called "Large Application Development" talking about what they are doing in that area moving forward but, again, it leaves me with a concern about using Flex in Enterprise environments at this point in time.

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              John Hall Level 4

              I'm a huge fan of Flex, to the point of using it when it's inappropriate. However, in the enterprise environment, I would always be happy staying one step behind, using technology I feel comfortable with. However, that said, there are tons of folks using Flex in the enterprise environment. However, I'm not familiar with a good example of form use.


              I'd encourage you to ping folks who do large projects on a regular basis and are in a better position to inform you, but who rarely have time/interest to participate in this forum (for example, http://www.digitalprimates.net, http://www.universalmind.com,  and many others - they'll be honest with you if you describe your project).

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                ludwig95 Level 1

                John, appreciate the input and the links...