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    Intensity Pro ?

    Mark Pleasant

      Total newbie with CS5 so here goes....Running Windows 7 Bootcamp on a MacPro have the Intensity Pro Card installed with newest drivers it works fine with the Vegas Pro install  but can't get it to display the CS5 output. It shows up as a Capture option (Blackmagic Capture) but not as a Video Rendering and Playback option.The Renderer is a ghosted out ( Mercury Playback Engine Software Only) And Playback settings show my secondary monitor which works nicely but I would prefer the Intensity Pro. Just want to play with some HDV files... they play nice on the secondary display monitor of course


      I'm sure I'm missing something obvious ...any help would be appreciated.


      mark p

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          Bisa Goma Level 2

          Since Vegas is showing then you are okay. Just make sure that the playback and editing modes are set to decklink . You can reinstall the drivers, play with it and it will show.

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            Mark Pleasant Level 1

            Thanks! I'll give it a try.


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              Mark Pleasant Level 1

              Well I thought I had the latest drivers by who knew there was 3.7.2 Oh well... got 'em and all is still well on the Vegas Pro side but still nothing on the CS5 Premier side.


              For the record it's working in After Effects just fine!!!


              If you don't want to fool with me I'll understand....



              Premier Project Settings show "Blackmagic Capture" and the properties are HD 1080i 59.94/Uncompressed 8bit if have also tried 1080p 29.97 among other presets just to see if that was the problem.


              Playback Settings show: External Device- None,DV 29.97 720x480i, Monitor:2 1280x1024p (My second computer monitor)

                                                     Export External Devices are the same.

              I would have thought Intensity would show up somewhere here in Playback settings as an optional device?



              Once again the secondary monitor displays but nothing on the HDMI out of the Intensity or Component out.


              The Blackmagic control panel is set for HDMI & Component out. All output and input processing is off.


              As I said I'll understand if you don't want to fool with a goof but I'm at a loss to figure it out.



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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Be sure you're using a Blackmagic sequence preset; they're installed along with the drivers. You need to use one of those in order to enable output through the Intensity card; one of Premiere's built-in presets won't work.

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                  Mark Pleasant Level 1

                  Got it. I hadn't noticed the Blackmagic Presets in that menu before!!! What a maroon!



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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    No worries--glad it was a simple solution

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                      Mark Pleasant Level 1

                      You bet!

                      And I'm a bit surprised how good things look on this cheap LG 32LE5300 32". Looks fine once you turn off the 120hz and seems to have a lot of color control. Still use the old SONY CRT for color grading but I'm very happy with the LG and the Intensity.


                      Thanks again!