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    Invalid File Path notification blocks encoding


      I just began having a problem with Premere  Elements 3.015 (on a Windows XP system).  The program is updated with the Adobe patch, and has worked well for a long time on this system.  On my most recent slide show, I have gotten a "Invalid FIle Path" message just before the project encoding ompletes.  I have tried both burning to disk and saving to file options, but the encoding process will not complete. 


      Does anybody have any suggestions about why this problem has occurred and how I can overcome it?  I have found no solutions in the knowledge base beyond reinstalling the patch, which I have done without success.  Any othyer ideas???

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure what version 3.015 is, but you really should install the version 3.02 patch to ensure that version 3 is running stably. You can download it from here:



          Beyond that, sometimes Windows updates do destabilize things. When they do, it's usually best to make sure you have everything else updated:


          1) Manually go to Windows Update, click the Custom option and download even the optional updates. You can often pick up important drivers doing this.


          2) Go to the ATI or nVidia web sites and get the latest driver for your video card.


          3) Go to Apple.com and download the latest Quicktime, which provides important support for all PC-based video editing.


          4) Defragment your hard drive(s). Even better if you run a program like Advanced System Care or EasyCleaner to clear off tmp and other junk files first. (If you haven't done this in a while -- or if you haven't ever done this! -- you might be surprised how much of your hard drive has been rendered useless by these files.) I cover where you can get these programs and how to use them in my books, by the way. They're both free.


          If that doesn't do it, there could be other things at work.


          If you've been using this program since version 3, I'm sure you know by now that any photos in a slideshow must be resized to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in order to avoid overloading the program, per my books and the FAQs to the right of this forum.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            What is the full, and exact Path that you are Exporting to? Sometimes, one can exceed the allowable Path, by having a file directed to a sub-folder many levels deep, and then a long file name. Let's rule that out as a possibility first.


            Good luck,



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              PW5426 Level 1


              Thanks for your helpful suggestions.  You are right about the patch.  It's 3.02.  I mis-wrote.  I will try the other fixes you suggest.  Although I get all windows updates and install regularly, I will check.


              I actually use both version 3.02 on one system, and version 4 on another system at my other residence.  I have never had this problem before on wither install.


              I will let you know the results,


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                PW5426 Level 1

                Let me bring you all up to date.


                I tried all of Steve's suggestions (updates, etc.), but the burn program kept going to an invalid file path fault and stopping.  So I tried a "top kill," and uninstalled the program completely and reinstalled both the program and the 3.02 update.  I reloaded the project and burned DVDs successfully.  Good news.  Since then, I have done a new project (a slide show with music, zoom and pan effects, and fade transitions.  I tried to burn it last night and got two bad responses:  first, the program would not recognize my DVD burner, and then when I tried to save it to my hard drive as an encoded file, I got a new stop message at the end of encoding (unable to find file destination - something like that).  So I did another "top kill," uninstalled, reinstalled and started another burn.  This time, the DVD would not burn because the encoded file was "too fast for the media."  I failed to copy the whole message.  I stepped the resolution down to 6 mb/sec. on the resolution slide in the burn DVD window, and tried again.  This time a successful burn.  I have two more programs to do in the next few weeks, and we shall see what happens. 

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  This ARTICLE might be useful, when PrE cannot "find" your burner.


                  I'm still not clear what the Path for the file is. Can you elaborate?


                  Good luck,



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                    PW5426 Level 1


                    Next time I encounter this problem, I will be more specific when I post the symptoms.  In the meantime, I am trying the Microsoft Windows registry fix, and updating my Nero software as well.  I have another project to do in the next couple of weeks so we shall see.


                    Thanks for the reply,


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      When doing the update to Nero, I would advise against installing its InCD packet-writing module, and making sure that the previous Nero version of InCD is completely removed, as well. That, along with with Roxio's DLA, and known causes for Adobe programs to NOT find the burner.


                      Good luck,