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    swf gallery (Actionscript 3) won't play in Safari or IE, only FireFox


      I have a flash gallery I created using Flash CS4 and Actionscript 3. It plays perfectly in FireFox, but in IE and Safari it just shows me a blank space on the page where the gallery should be. As a test I uninstalled Flash Player, and FireFox and Safari showed me the message that a newer version of Flash was needed along with a link to get it, but IE showed nothing. Now that Flash is re-installed, only FireFox actually loads/plays the gallery. With IE it doesn' tmatter if I use the 32-bit or 64-bit, or if compatibility mode is on or off. I tried republishing with Flash 9 set instead of Flash 10, but that made no difference. It fails with the HTML file generated out of Flash, as well as the page I created in Dreamweaver and used the Insert Media command to insert the .swf:


      http://www.arttoharmony.com/sales/Art-To-Harmony-Gallery.html (auto-generated HTML out of Flash)


      http://www.arttoharmony.com/sales/index.php (Dreamweaver page)


      I'm using all the latest browsers, Windows 7 (64-bit), Dreamweaver and Flash CS4. A couple of years ago when I had CS3, I created a similar gallery using Actionscript 2, and it continues to work fine in all 3 browsers:




      I'd appreciate any ideas to get this working in Safari and IE (not only the gallery to load, but the Flash Player detection to work properly in IE). I'm a very infrequent Flash user, so I was hoping it was something obvious, but I can't find the problem.