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    Running executables from a pdf

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      recent changes to the adobe reader security policy have lead to problems opening executable files from a pdf. After doing some research i have been able to enable their access by altering the registry value of the built in permissions list as this reverts reaaders functionality to simply prompt to open if trusted, ie ive open the machine to 'social engineering' attacks which is not an issue for me. I tried alternatives to this but to no avail.


      I was under the assumption that if i added the location of the pdf to the priveliged locations list that this would allow the workflow to proceed as it used to previously. This is not the case i see a prompt saying that this file is set to be launched by a pdf, this is currently dissallowed by your system administrator. This prompt occurs for me regardless of wether or not i enable enhanced security. After investigation i found i may have to allow the use of 'priviliged locations' as an administrator, but the value was not to be found in the registry.


      Did i need to enable 'priviliged locations' via the custom install wizard and would i now have to manually create this key to have it work?


      The real issue is that i work for an orginization which produces these pdf's as support material for textbooks and this method of making the executables accessable ( registry modification ) is not suitable for our end users.