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    Do OSMF examples have to suck so much for FlashBuilder4 users?


      I use FlashBuilder4 for development, bought it the first week it came out and I'm pretty happy with it (I'm sure Adobe is happy too).


      But all the examples produced by the OSMF team seam to treat us like second class citizens. There's not an example that I didn't have to debug (takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours) just to get the damn thing to compile. What's up OSMF folks, are we not as cool as the pure AS guys or what?


      Anyone here who has the same problem, please post here, and maybe we can get something going to produce samples that run out of the box for us.


      When I have to spend 2 hours getting the project to compile, linking this and that, and all kinds of non-sense, by the time I have it running, my productivity has already dropped a lot and I completely lost my train of thought on the real project I was working on. That's a big problem. I'm guessing many of us FB4 users are having this problem.


      Please post here if that's you, or is it just me?

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          Hi druderb,
          YES, fixes are vital to get these samples usable out-of-the-box.
          Two workarounds and one fyi:
          -- Compiled samples for the latest build are maintained here:
          -- On import into Flash Builder, for "Use a specific SDK:" select "Flex 3.5"
          -- readme.txt.  There is a readme.txt in the root of each sample directory.
          What might the team be able to do as solutions?
          -- build.bat/build.sh. Could the OSMF team please include a build script in the apps\samples directory?   A similar build script once was included with the Flex SDKs in the Flex Builder days.  If anyone has an FB3 (and I'm pretty sure FB2) configuration if you search your FB install directory, you will find a path such as the following:
          Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.4.0\samples\explorer
          In that directory are both a build.bat and build.sh.  Basically the SDKs shipped with source for the Flex Component Explorer.  To compile all of examples in the Flex Component Explorer, all any developer needed to do was run that one script.  OSMF will really benefit from including for the apps\samples a build.bat and build.sh.
          -- Release notes?  Perhaps enhance the "Sample Applications" section in the release notes to include guidelines for fastest compile of all samples?  Including instruction for directory structure?  For instance part of the headache I keep having is having to reset the path to OSMF.swc.
          BTW ... AWESOME NOW HAVING FLA FOR MANY SAMPLES!!!  Thank you to the OSMF team for providing Flash Pro devs easier usability of some of the OSMF Samples.
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            greg•hamer Level 1

            Oops, but with using "Flex 3.5" (also ok to use any Flex 3.x SDK), must also set Project > Properties > Flex Compiler > Adobe Flash Player options > Use a specific version: 10.0.0