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    Layout mirror mystery

    toft Level 1

      I have a large AIR application written in Flex 3. After updating to Flex 4.0 and 4.01 (using AIR 2.0) some very strange behaviour has occured:


      Some layouts (mostly components based on the Group class) are completely mirrored ! Panels, text, images, buttons are mirrored !

      None of this shows up when viewing in design mode, it only shows up when running the app.


      Many of the apps parts are based on custom templates. So most of the code is similar in many cases. But even in these cases some of the layouts show up just fine, and others are completely mirrored.


      I am unable to find anything in the code that could make this happen.


      In addition to this I also have another problem: I have an image that I can drag a selection on and copy the content. After updating Flex the selection is reversed when dragging. Dragging to the left moves the selection rectangle to the right, and visa versa - as if the whole selection is mirrored in relation to the image.


      I didnt have any of these problems before updating, the whole app worked fine.


      Have anyone of you experienced this strange stuff ? Any known bugs that can cause this ?