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    Some slow motion clips are showing as blank

    Steve Liles Level 1

      I have just moved to CS5 mainly because I am editing in AVCHD and I was looking forward to the improved performance but that's another issue. I have just edited a wedding and now I am putting a slow motion montage together and I have about 40 clips which I have slowed down and most of them play as I would expect but 3 of the clips are just black in the program monitor. If I take the slow motion (I've tried Speed/Duration and Time remapping) effect off then the clip plays okay (albeit in full speed). I've tried taking the clip from the original footage and the same thing happens. Why is this happening???

      The only thing I can think of is that I converted this from a CS4 project but I haven't had any other problems and all other slow motion clips have played?

      My spec is: Windows 7 64bit, Intel Core2 Quad Processor, 6Gb RAM (about to move to 8Gb), NVidia GeForce GTX 285 Graphics Card, 1x500Gb HDD, 2x750Gb HDD.

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          Steve Liles Level 1

          Great isn't it - I've been stuck on this for a full day and then I post a message and kind of get down to the bones of it immediately! It appears that it is a bug but it only happens when I've taken a clip from a Multicam edit. However most of the multicam clips do still allow me to put a slow motion on them and play normally but for some reason these three still don't. However, I've taken the clip from the AVCHD card again and found just that part of the clip and used that directly in the montage slow motion bit and it has worked. So for now I have a working project although I am a little nervous that this is going to happen again. I hope it's just down to the conversion from CS4. I've left the post up in case anyone else is actually suffering from this issue and it's not an isolated case.