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    Premiere Elements 7: share/export DV-PAL in FLV/QT/WMV, black bars on top/bottom


      During export (step "share", export for "PC" - sorry, if I use some wrong terms, got a german interface) of only DV-PAL video to FLV/QT/WMV there are always black bars on top/bottom of the video and the picture is wrong in aspect ratio. I can't help.


      • I tried different resolutions (original 720x576, 502x402, 320x240) and, as only possible with QT/WMV, different pixel aspect ratios (PARs), even user-defined PARs and 'wrong' aspect ratios (like 512x402). No chance. (I think precise user-defined data like "1,094" is not possible, because results did not change anyhow and this value is shown as "1".) With e.g. QT, 640x512, PAR 1,067 there are black bars with 6 px each.
      • My project settings must be correct I think: DV-PAL, 720x576, 4:3, 25 fps.
      • DV-PAL- and MPEG-Export/Share is no problem.
      • As a workaround I export DV-PAL and convert with XMediaRecode to FLV. But I want direct and clean export with PrEl. That's what I bought it for recently.


      I wonder why there are only NTSC-setting suggested in FLV-share. I have to change the size by myself.

      And I wonder why Wikipedia says PAR for DV-PAL is "1,0940" and Premiere says "1,067".


      I'm new to Premiere Elements 7 (although I got some experience with Premiere 5/6.5, FinalCut, Cinelerra ...) using Windows XP.