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    Flex working with external .aspx -- Im not following *%?

      <mx:XML id="treeData" source=" http://localhost/xml/menu.aspx" />

      Above is an xml element that is generated by the script 'menu.aspx'. Now If I change menu.aspx, the only way I can see the change in the application is to make a change to the .mxml flex file, save it compile, then undo the change and go through the process again.

      How do I set flex to get the most current scripts and save the .mxml file evey time even if it looks as if no change has been made.

      Also, once the flex application is published and I run it from IIS, I can delete or change the names of my .aspx files and it still works. This kind of troubles me as I want to know in real time what is there and is not.

      How does flex work? I mean does it not go out to the .aspx scripts whenever the application is run, does it store the ..aspx in itself, or does it just remember the results from the .aspx (i.e. what xml was returned during the compile phase) and then not use them again.

      I am confused about this and developing in flex has been frustrating because it seems like it is constantly working from a 'cache'. This is very different from my background, which is non-compiled asp and aspx scripts.