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    make swffit work in tables?

    slog70 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I would like to use swffit to make my home page a bit smarter.

      My homepage is built using tables.

      I have a flash movie in my homepage that is positioned just below the header and above the footer.


      i.e.: table structure of my home page:


      Header 1

      flash movie

      (min size: 1200x320px)

      (maxsize: 1200x450px)



      All I would like to do is show the flash movie at full size (1200x450 px) when the browser windows height is greater than the the whole table.

      Vice-versa, when the browser window height is lesser than the table height, the flash movie should be rendered at 1200x320 px).


      But SWFFIT seems to not work when the flash content is positioned inside a table.


      Is there an alternative method to achieve this?


      TIA .