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    Problem with CC Page Turn Effect

    Erik H L



      I have a problem with the CC Page turn effect in After effects. I am trying to make a movie where a book folds up and you can see the two spreads.


      The cover image that I apply the effect to, is scaled down because I need to scale the book up later. From the CC Page Turn panel, I have set a background to the cover, wich of course is my left spread, and the right spread is an image that is positioned behind the cover.


      When I use the Page turn effect, the result is that as the cover image folds up, it disappear "out of" the layer border. I tried to correct this with the "Grow Bounds" effect... only to see that this causes the background, set in the CC Page Turn effect panel, to be scaled for some reason? If I lower the Grow Bounds pixel amount, the background scales down again, and if I remove Grow Bounds completely, the background seems to be in the correct scale.


      But then if I don't use Grow Bounds, I can't see the cover nor the background when the Page turn is complete. Because they are to the left of the original cover image's layer border.

      Anyone else who has had the same problem, and does anyone have a hint how to solve it?


      Most grateful for help,