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    Marker in VideoElement are not reached ?


      Hello everyone,

      I use CuePoint with OSMF, my video contains a lot of markers, only it turns out that certain marker (always the same) seem not reached.

      Is this possible?
      Could you give me some ideas?


      Sorry for my bad english.

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          fryckoort Level 1

          Ahhh !


          i found the problem... 2 markers have the same time, so, can i add several markers at for example 162.12 seconds, and fire 2 events ?

          Thanks ^for your help.

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            The underlying logic for AS cue points in OSMF can be found in TimelineMetadata in the org.osmf.metadata package.  If you take a look at the addMarker method, you'll see this ASDoc comment:


                     * Adds the specified TimelineMarker to this object.  This class
                     * maintains the TimelineMarkers in time order.  If another TimelineMarker
                     * with the same time value exists within this object, then the existing
                     * value will be overwritten.
                     * @param marker The marker to add.
                     * @throws ArgumentError If marker is null or specifies an invalid time.


            If you need more data for a single cue point, you can add that to the Object parameter when you create the CuePoint.  Notice the 4th param in the CuePoint constructor is an Object. This can be anything you want, such as:


            var cuePoint:CuePoint = new CuePoint(CuePointType.ACTIONSCRIPT, 162.12, "MyCuePoint", {key1:"value 1", key2:"value 2"});


            - charles