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    I'm confusing about cgi in Coldfusion


      I used to write cgi script by Perl.

      And write client side tools by Delphi.

      In Delphi code , 

      call the cgi scrpit like this way :



      Right now, a customer ask me is it possible has same function at Coldfusion Environment?

      Hardly googling this topic for hours , there are few pages about Coldfusion Cgi............


      About coldfusion, not much experiences , basic cfm, cfc for insert, delete, update from Ms sql, that' all.

      so, for this requirement, at last two things confusing me ,now.

      1. Coldfusion could write and execute  cgi scrpit like Perl does?

      2. What kind of interface that Coldfusion cold apply for my Delphi client?Is it possible that no need  changes in Delphi code?


      Sorry, for my poor Coldfusion knowledge and bad English ability.

      Hope someone could what I'm saying and show me a way to overcome it.