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    Slideshow For PDF


      I'm looking to make a photo slideshow exclusively for a pdf document. Using the media playback capabilities of Acrobat.

      Ie. a simple slideshow of jpg photos.


      I can’t find the best method!

      I can render a slideshow of jpg images using PS Elements BUT the flv file is grainy/blurry… poor quality. I’d imagine you’d need a lot of fps to make a decent quality movie, but the file size gets large.


      I’ve also tried Slideshow Pro and Piecemaker. They’re great BUT the final swf file still links or calls the images from another location. Great for a website. But can’t be used in a pdf where ALL the files are native.


      Does anyone know how to make a quality, STANDALONE, swf based slideshow I can just embed in a pdf document. It needs to be entirely self contained.


      I should mention. I’m not a flash developer. I understand all this can be done in flash. But I don’t know how to use the timeline and tweening, etc….


      I was hoping to find a tool to help do the heavy lifting for me.