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    RoboHelp chm file on Citrix

    judsha Level 1

      The chm file I created is part of the software application my company distributes and it works fine on local computers. The problem is that some of our clients are large organizations, spread out in many different states and they put our software application on a Citrix server. Individual computers access the application from the Citrix server; the application does not reside on their computers.

      I know that chm file cannot be displayed from server but must be installed on individual computers.

      My questions are:

      1. Has anyone had any experience working with Citrix (in this case, Citrix 4.0) and chm files? Does anyone know a way to display the chm file from the Citrix server?

      2. If this cannot be done, do you suggest using RoboHelp WebHelp and putting all the WebHelp source files on the server to be accessed by the local computers? I have published the help file as WebHelp and put in on our client website so this could be an option, I guess.

      Your ideas are greatly appreciated.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Judy.


          I should start by saying I don't have any Citrix experience but a quick google search seems to confirm my suspicion that CHM files suffer from the same issue as when they are run on a network drive under Windows. I think you'll have to think of WebHelp output.


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            I work in a Government environment so i know that Citrix is in the background, but is what we do is tell the customer to download the file like putting a link to a zip file, then once they save it to their computer they can open it up. Then on the other hand if you made it into Web Help you could host it and just provide them a link that might be easier to ensure it gets on the computer being sent out and would be easier to maintain and if any one emailed you about the help you could send a link.