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    OSMF vs. OVP

    druderb Level 1

      Can someone clarify the difference between the OSMF and the OVP?


      I came across the following comment in another thread that made me wonder. I agree that adobe staff are rather inactive on this forum, but this statement seems a little too out of wack with reality:

      I don't think the kind of people
      that can help you actually use this forum.


      My advice - build your own player
      on top of OVP - you can acheive same functionality very easily - osmf is
      a gimmick.


      source: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/679217

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          ScreenName1710b Level 1

          Here's a basic list of differences that I've come up with, since I'm currently building players based on both platforms.



          Supports: Progressive, RTMP, and SMIL (w/dynamic streaming)

          Size: ~25k compiled

          Very limited plug in options (extending classes is the best method for adaptation implementations)



          Supports: Progressive, RTMP, HTTP Streaming, SMIL(w/ plugin), DVR, Jpgs/Gifs, SWFs, MP3, Text, Parallel elements, Serial elements, nested Elements

          Size: ~130k compiled (up to 260k w/chrome library)

          Multiple advanced Plug-in options, such from QoS, ad reporting, etc.


          OSMF appears to be much more of a "platform" than OVP - OVP seems to focus strictly on single video playback, not as much on layout management, multiple supported type management, "media" elements, or plugin management/adaptations.


          I have used both and both have their merits (size being the best -imho- argument for using OVP over OSMF).

          As far as I know OSMF is the only Open Source platform that will currently support Adobe's forthcoming HTTP streaming.


          My 2 cents - I hope it helps you out.


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            David_RealEyes Level 1

            I dont think that comment has validity. OVP and OSMF are both valuable. We used to be avid users of OVP and our own framework, but have switch over to OSMF. OVP is also supposedly stopped development and besides OSMF has much to offer past where OVP leaves off.


            OSMF is a steep learning curve, and often difficult to customize certain aspects but it offers a TON of functionality and is an extremely powerful framework and also heavily supported by Adobe and others.

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              David_RealEyes Level 1

              Minor addition to Will's comment. OSMF can be deployed with much smaller file size than the roughly ~130k if you dont need things like HTTP Dynamic streaming and such. There are ways to use just what you need and reduce down to about the same size of OVP.

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                ScreenName1710b Level 1

                David -

                I do have a need for a smaller size OSMF that supports the same types as OVP.

                The smallest I've been able to make it (with the SMIL plugin) is 132k.

                However, I'm not sure how to make it smaller (down to 26k?) without compromising or changing core OSMF code. My company has a need to continue to be inline with open source codebase, and we can't make modifications that would deviate us away from a standard download.

                I'll start a new thread to discuss it.



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                  snippetsniffer Level 1

                  Say what you will about the validity of aldoogus's comment, but the original question has gone unanswered.  I don't say this to be destructive, but I do mean that the problem with a lot of functionally rich open source projects is they will often get you 80 or even 95% of the way there before you hit a wall.  Because of the nature of a project like OSMF, it's probably going to attract devs who are more interested in a final product than the nuts and bolts when a fringe application is unable to use it, so when you want to do something unusual, you are on your own again with less control over the framework than if you had written it yourself.  After getting through the learning curve, you find yourself in a position of being back where you started, behind schedule.


                  I think osmf is a great thing for online video in general, but I don't think it's ideal if you want to do something unusual or ground breaking.  I would feel differently if I saw a response to that original post.

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                    David_RealEyes Level 1

                    To answer your question directly about the 2 i can give my opinion only.


                    OVP is good for development utilizing a granular control video player framework. It gives you the pieces - you put it together and choose what you want or dont.


                    OSMF is a whole media framework with layout capabilities and features a complex but extensible plugin system. It offers out of box media playback and view control or the tools to make your own. A key feature about OSMF is its not just video. That aside it also offers some very complex solutions for you for things like HTTP Streaming which would be a royal pain to write yourself.



                    As per the forum and not much help from Adode. They used to be INCREDIBLY active and helpful on here - right now I think its just timing. I think 1 or 2 are taking time off and there may be a little flux on roles in the team. My guess is they will be back on the forums in full force - just give them a little break.

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                      aldoogus Level 1

                      Ok - so we're all talking about the comment - and nobody is answering  the guy's question.

                      He wants to be able to seek to any point in a serial  composition.


                      I don't think this is fringe or unusual functionality for a "media framework" to handle.


                      OSMF is an improvment on Flash and Flex having different player implementations - and the fact that you had to hack that FLVPlayback component to even get it to do basic stuff like connect to video without a file extension etc.,


                      ....but OVP has (had) it's heart in the right place - trying to bring together basic implementations of players in Flash , Silverlight and now HTML5 (yes there is now an HTML5 Player there too for whatever that's worth)


                      In the real world developers have to consider all platforms -  becasue our clients are idiots - they want stuff like wma DRM - and  video on iPhones for heavens sake (yeh it sucks - but they pay us so we try to do it).


                      . . . and as I said with basic OVP Classes - you could cook something up that could  seek to a point in any rtmp stream in a playlist with little problem -  'cos let's face it that's what a serial compisition is - right ?


                      Anyway  I hope someone from OSMF team posts him an answer.

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                        Alex Kernel Level 1

                        there is still no answer there...

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                          Andrian Cucu Adobe Employee

                          Hi Alex,


                          Where do you expect an answer?