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    Need help on creating custom skins like chrome

    Amit Kumar Adobe Employee



      I want to create my custom skin like chrome with my own play, pause and seek buttons. Can anybody point me to any documents that can help me to achieve this? Thanks in advance.




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          David_RealEyes Level 1

          Thats a very open ended question. We have built a sample OSMF player and a skinning solution you can take a look at.  http://code.google.com/p/reops/

          There are templates and a PDF that describes the capabilities and process. Also walkthrough style samples.


          Otherwise the generic answer is desgn as you see fit, and implement the controls as display objects or part of the MediaContainer which could be done as custom MediaElements, then link them to the MediaPlayer or MediaPlayerSprite and call the approp API methods (play/pause/stop/seek/etc.)