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    Play Video Range With CuePoints

    lkenney2 Level 1

      So I added a series of cue points to a video using the cuepointmanager:


      public function setCuePoint():void
           var _currentSent:int = -1;
           var l:int = _intervalArray.length;
           for(var i:int = 0; i < l; i++) {
                if(_intervalArray[i][2] != _currentSent) {
                     vidComponent.cuePointManager.addCuePoint({name:"cp" + _currentSent, time:Number(_timingsArr[i][0])* 0.001});
                     _currentSent = _intervalArray[i][2];


      This works. What I was wondering was there was some way to create this work flow:


      • When a button is pressed, the video starts to play at a specified cuepoint
      • When the next cuepoint is reached, the video should pause, and event dispatched.


      Any ideas?