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    Move clips freely.


      Hello. I am a freebie to premiere. After watching lots of tutorials for the last  week I am starting to make my own videos.

      But i am having this problem when moving video clips to sync up with the music. The movie clip only moves second by second. Even i switch the timeline ruler to audiounits and zoom completely, the clip only moves to everysecond which makes impossible to sync with the music. I've tried to cut the clip to the beat of the music using command K (control K) but still it will slice the clip into its nearer second. I've been searching for hours for this solution and wut i found was swtiching to audiounits zooming in and moving but i cannot get any results.

      Any ideas? thanks a lot

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Video will ONLY move in 1-Frame increments. There are no partial Frames in Video.


          Now, you CAN adjust your Audio by Audio Units, but not your Video. Think about having a partial Frame. That is not what one would really want, and PrPro knows that.


          Good luck,




          PS - considering how the eye/brain processes visuals, one cannot pick up things beyond that 1/30th sec. (NTSC).

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            sanchitovideo Level 1

            hey bill thanks a lot for your reply.

            So how will i be able to move the clips by frames and not by seconds?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The tick marks are Frames. Zoom into your Timeline to the max. You will notice a little blue bar attached to your CTI and the edit line. That is the Frame. I always turn Snap OFF (S key is the toggle), for precise slip-n-slide, so that the Clip does not want to, well Snap to any other Clip's border.


              With Snap ON, you can also jog the CTI in one-Frame increments with the Cursor keys, and then Click-drag the Clip to the CTI, where you will get a Snap.


              Good luck,