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    PreEl 8 and Windows 7 64 bit...

    Brian Mirrlees



      Has any forum member had any experience with running PreEl 8 on the Windows 7 64 bit OS?


      I'm currently using Vista Home Premium (32 bit) but am growing tired of it... no problems with PreEl 8, but Vista is growing long in the tooth...


      I realize that PreEl is only a 32 bit application, but has anyone had any success or issues with running it on a Win 7 64 bit config?








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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It runs on Windows 7 32-bit very well, Brian. But, on Win 7 64-bit, it's been an iffy proposition. Some people can do it -- many seem to have some sort of buggy behavior. This is likely related to some of the 64-bit drivers not yet being compatible with the software.


          For what it's worth, with all of the updates Vista SP2 should be just about as stable an OS as Win 7. But the move from Vista to Win 7 32-bit is very smooth and easy. (The path to Win 7 64-bit is also pretty smooth from Vista, of course.)


          So it's your call. But, if you plan to continue working with Premiere Elements 8, I wouldn't recommend a move to Win 7 64.

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            Brian Mirrlees Level 1

            Thanks for the repsone Steve...


            I haven't bought Windows 7 yet, but I figure if I'm going to, it might as well be 64 bit.


            I'll try and get a evaluation copy in 64 bit and try it out first...






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              Brian Mirrlees Level 1

              I quess the other question would be if anyone knows of any

              plans to release a 64 bit version of PreEl... maybe in the next version???

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                Cyprus Hector

                For what it's worth, I'm running Premiere Elements 7 on a new Win 7 64 bit PC.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >anyone knows of any plans


                  Adobe has very strong prohibitions against any Beta tester talking about product development


                  Anyone who knows, can not talk... anyone who talks, does not know and is only speculating


                  Based on past history the current SPECULATION is that PrElements 9 will be issued "sometime this fall" but nobody knows when, or even IF it will be later this year or some time in 2011... and nobody who knows is talking about features or OS requirements


                  I personally do not think Adobe will issue a 64bit ONLY PrElements, since PrE is the more consumer oriented product, and there are still a LOT of people who have not invested in a 64bit computer and 64bit Windows 7

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                    Anna Lyon

                    Sigh! I came to the forum to see if I could figure out why PE8 was misbehaving (frequent crashing, failure to render timeline, disregard of markers, etc.) and I think you folks may be talking about what I am experiencing. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (2.67 GHz processor, 12 GB RAM) and I installed the 8.01 patch.

                    Is there nothing I can do but regress to a previous version?


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                      I am running PreEl 8 with Windows 7 64bit and it is a buggy mess... my list of issues:


                      Random freezing (but it does recover in a few seconds)

                      Audio fixes randomly shut off (u really have to watch your entire project right before you compile it)

                      LONG Compilation times.


                      I am running a quad core

                      nvidia 9800

                      6 gb of RAM...


                      I have multiple editors installed and adobe is by far the worst


                      I have WASTED HOURS and HOURS with this software... and re-editing entire projects.

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                        Cyprus Hector Level 1

                        Having read the feedback I think I shall avoid Premiere 8 and wait and see whether Adobe brings out a new version that can handle Win 7 64 bit and performs correcty.

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                          I just bought a Sony laptop quad core 6GB ram that came with Premiere Elements 8. One of the reasons I bought it was for the software. It is virtually unusable because most of the video I work with is so choppy on playback, I can't do any decent editing. Any other editing software i use works fine. Also the elements trial works fine on my desktop which is half as powerful. I attribute the poor performance to 64 bit incompatibility. I think it was a mistake for Sony and Adobe to do this because it makes their products appear inferior to other brands.