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    ProRes playback quality in Pr CS5




           It's like pulling teeth trying to figure out this problem I've been having. This is kind of a two part question.


      First, I am using CS4 on a MacPro, 8GB DDR3 Ram, 2.93 Ghz Xeon quad, 1TB 7200 rpm HDD. I have been using FCP for the longest but wanted to take my skillset a step further by mastering After Effects. I fell in love with Adobe's Production Premium CS4. Everything works awesome and the workflow is incredible. The company I work for sometimes does the HDV tape capture for me and they use FCP. Of course their capture is in Apple's ProRes format.. The playback of anything captured from FCP in CS4 is HORRIBLE. It plays smoothly for about 3 seconds then is either choppy or completely frozen..the audio continues onward as if nothing is wrong. Everything I have found says that Adobe isn't optimized for ProRes playback. Is there anyway to optimize CS4 to play this more steadily? As of now it is unusable which slows my productivity because I have to completely render my After Effects graphics which sometimes have up to 200 layers and are very detailed (you know how long that takes). I do not want to have to reconvert my video. I am a huge believer in compressing and/or changing the file formats as few times as possible. This is why I am using Sony's new HXR-NX5u and editing natively (which I LOVE being able to do in Pr) from the 128 GB flash unit. PLEASE HELP! I WANT TO GO ALL ADOBE!!!



      This question also leads to my NEXT question which correlates to this forum....


      Second, Will Premiere Pro CS5 support the playback of video files encoded as Apple ProRes in a smooth and proficient manner? To clarify...will it playback WELL. I know it will play but if it's as horrid as it is in CS4 then I will probably wait a little longer before making the jump to CS5. I am excited about the full 64 bit compatibility though. After Effects with as much RAM as I need??...Sounds too easy! haha.



      Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond. Please only answer the question...If you don't know either and are in the same situation...My prayers are with you, but don't clutter the topic. lol. I hope that this being answered will help others in my situation and make it possible for more people to exclusively use Adobe on their Macs!


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