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    Accessor error

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      I've beat this to death but can't resolve an "accessor" error I'm encountering when trying to concatenate names on the top of pages following the front page on a form.  I've tested it in a separate file file where only the 3 fields and the concatenated field exist and it works perfectly, but when I copy the same script into the full file it respondes with the accessor error.  I've verified the field name spelling, verified that there are no duplicates with the same field name and I've reduced it to a single name without concat and still get the error.


      Script failed (language is formcalc; context is xfa[0].form[0].F[0].#subform[1].#area[31].FullName[0])

      Script=concat(LastName,”, “,FirstName,” “,MiddleName)


      Error: accessor ‘LastName’ is unknown


      When I execute it in the test file, the final field displays only the comma, then adds each name as each is entered in the proper field.  When I go to preview the active file it immediately gives me the accessor error.


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          This is a forum for Acrobat forms created using Acrobat's Forms Tools and not the LiveCycle Designer program included in the Professional packages of Acrobat.


          The "Accessor" is the full XML path name for the form field. You will need to open the hierarchy view of the form structure to see the full name structure that you will need to use to access the fields.


          This naming structure is included in the 'Scripting Reference' under LiveCycle Designer's 'Help' menu bar option.


          More help will be available in the LiveCycle Designer forums.

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