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    .actionScriptProperties for Flex Builder (4)


      We are trying to convert from Flex 3.5 to 4.  We have hit a couple of bumps in the road, but one thing I can't find any documentation on is the changes to the .actionScriptProperties file.


      These settings in particular.


                 autoRSLOrdering="true"       (NEW)

                  copyDependentFiles="false"   (OLD = false, NEW = true)

                  fteInMXComponents="false"    (NEW)

                  includeNetmonSwc="false"     (NEW)

                  htmlPlayerVersion="9.0.124"  (OLD)

                  targetPlayerVersion="0.0.0"  (NEW)

                  useDebugRSLSwfs="true"       (NEW)


      Does anyone know what they are?  What they do?



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          injpix Level 3

          Some of those properties are located in the Flex Compiler window.  You can view this window by doing the following in Flash Builder:

          • right click on your project in the 'Package Explorer'
          • select 'Properties'
          • select 'Flex Compiler'


          copyDependentFiles is the 'Copy non-embedded files to output folder' option of the Flex Compiler window.  When set to true, it will move assets that FB finds to your bin directory.


          fteInMXComponents is the 'Use Flash Text Engine in MX Components' option of the Flex Compiler  window.  Using FTE (Flash Text Engine) for components give you more control over formatting the text.  All Spark components I believe use FTE.


          includeNetmonSwc is used for the professional version of Flash Builder.  That is needed for the 'Network Monitor' when its enabled.  That swc is not needed for release builds.


          And some of the other options are located in the Properties > Flex Build Path's 'Library Path' option.