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    URL Links to WebHelp Topics From External Applications


      Using RoboHelp 8.0.2


      I'm new to RoboHelp, this is my first project, and for the most part things went smoothly until I tried to link to WebHelp from our software. I need to provide our developers a simple url that will open up the appropriate section of the help document depending on what part of the application they are using. Our product will ship with our generated WebHelp files, so it will be accessing a local path on the end users machine.

      From reading the forms it appears that this:




      is supposed to work, but it does not. It only shows the help start page. After more googleing and forum reading I found this solution:




      which works, but, the next time the user clicks the help link a second "?" must be added next to the first or help will stay on the same page. So, for it to function properly the link needs to constantly alternate between the above and this:




      This is not a viable solution as I need to be able to give the developers consistent links to each help topic.


      After further googleing I found mention of a bug that prevented the first type of link from working in earlier versions of RoboHelp so I upgraded to the newest version, 8.0.2, and then generated WebHelp again. This did not help; I experienced the exact same behavior again. Is it possible that I need to import, or otherwise regenerate my WebHelp in order for this bug fix to take effect?


      At this point I am well and truly stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,