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    iPad Digital Editions?


      Has anyone heard of Digital Editions being develop[ed for the iPad?

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          I share some frustration with Fran! I have purchased a book from eBooks, passed it through ADE to unlock DRM in hopes of loading the "purchased item" onto my iPad and I get a message stating it cannot be done as it is DRM protected. I've always thought that a purchased eBook or ePub become DRM free once it has been unlocked by ADE; am I wrong? Too many steps so far! Buy a book, import to ADE, import to Calibre and still unable to load onto iPad. Title is unavailable in iBooks -- go figure!

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            There's an iPhone/iPod app called txtr that will be able to open it.


            You do need to have set up an Adobe ID before opening the file on your computer, though--your iPhone will be a second device associated to that same Adobe ID.
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              Saxon Woods

              I just discovered this thread after sharing similar frustrations with ADE and IPad. The .ascm file that's created in your DE directory on your computer when you buy a DRM-protected book is just the key that unlocks the pdf of the book file, the one that you read within DE.


              Unlikely that there will be an IPad version of DE anytime soon, given the Flash wars between Adobe and Apple. But there is a workaround via an IPad app called Txtr, which can unlock (legally) and display ebooks that are DRM-protected. After you download the app, it allows you to register your Adobe ID and thus link your IPad with it, like you do with your desktop; then you need to email or otherwise upload the pdf file on your computer to a txtr dropbox, and then download it to your IPad using the Txtr app. You can then read the file on your IPad within Txtr. Laborious process, but it works.....

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                I have an ipad and download books without going through ADE. There are lots of books available and after buying an e-reader a year ago, which I was only ever able to download one book to, there is absolutely no way I am going anywhere near ADE again. The support is awful and I never did get my issues resolved.

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                  Saxon Woods Level 1

                  Yes, not very user friendly. And, anyway, there are Kindle and Nook apps for the IPad. My problem was in downloading and reading galley proofs of as-yet unpublished books not yet available at any ebook store. They're almost always DRM-protected, and that means I'm tied to ADE as the only way to read them. Thus, the Txtr option for reading them on the IPad.

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                    Fran22431 Level 1

                    Txtr works with purchased books, but it does not work with books borrowed from a public library. I am looking for a way to read these books on the iPad, there is no App for that at this time.

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                      Fran22431 Level 1

                      There is now an app BlueFIre reader that works with public library books.



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                        Come on Adobe! Make an iPad Digital Edition...


                        WE WANT TO READ OUR EBOOKS ON THE IPAD, not on the stupid, slow, buggy, horrible desktop version.


                        With this actions, everyday you loose and loose fans.

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                          Jim Lester Level 4

                          There are plenty of choices for reading books on the iPad, and as Fran mentioned above the BlueFire Reader is my favorite.

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                            DRM only causing hassle to us. We paid for ebooks and still have no rights over them as we have for books that we can even borrow to friends.


                            Calibre staff is right saying that "Customers will inevitably lose the ebooks they buy. I wonder how long these companies will be in business? Or even if they care."

                            The only solution is to stop buying ebooks. We better look for free DRM ebooks until ePublishers stop to steer people away from this possibility of freedom simply to maintain their relevance in world developing so fast that they cant keep up.

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                              Ok I have downloaded the Txtr app and have activated my adobe ID. Hopw do I get the book on the IPAD?

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                                Hi There

                                I am having similar problems.   I wanted a technical book and eventually found it electronically at Taylor and Francis.  Trying to download it to my ipad caused a hiccup but they were very helpful in getting the book to me on my laptop, but realised no way to get it onto the ipad despite their help.  I chose the Adobe version because that is usually the best format for a variety of platforms, but still can't load it there despite loading txtr. I only have a download link and Safari won't use it. Still not certain which Adobe app I need to read it with - digital editions works on the laptop -. Any suggestions?  Can't Adobe and Apple just make friends for us poor saps out here? 

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                                  Ivan Sinigaglia

                                  Horrivel, too bad, odiei esse adobe. ****. Nunca mais compro ebbok pre essa porcaria desse adobe. Quero ler meus livros no iPad. You lost this war adobe, you lost.

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                                    Follow the procedure below.

                                    Go to http://txtr.com/ (Germany company who are working with Adobe to make a way for Adobe DRM protected ebooks to be transferred to Apple and Android devices).

                                    (Note the process will continue to be refined as textr work with Adobe in coming months.)

                                    Sign up for a free txtr account.

                                    Download an ebook (for example an EBL ebook) to Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer.

                                    Login to your txtr account, select the ME option and then select Upload texts at the bottom of the Private Texts box.

                                    A window will come up asking you to select a file to upload to txtr.com.

                                    Navigate to your My Digital Editions folder on your computer. If using Windows XP it will be located at C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Digital Editions\

                                    If using Windows Vista or Windows 7 it will be located at C:\Users\username\Documents\My Digital Editions\

                                    Select the PDF or ePub file for the book you want to upload to txtr.com. The book will then upload to txtr.com and appear in your Private Texts box.

                                    Go to the App Store and download the free txtr app to your iPad or mobile device.

                                    Open the txtr app on your iPad or mobile device. Go to Settings and then Login with your txtr username and password.

                                    Secondly select the AdobeID option (that will say not activated) and enter in your Adobe ID to activate your Adobe ID.

                                    Then on your mobile device go to Library and select Private Texts and any ebooks you have uploaded to txtr.com now appear here.

                                    Select the ebook and then select the Download button and the book is now downloaded to the mobile device or iPad and available for reading.


                                    It did work for me!!

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                                      I followed the txtr reply of Dec 2 and some screens had different names ie. no ME option or Private Texts but My Books. All worked as described until it came time to download ebook in Txtr app library on iPad. Message appeared "Could Not Download Document - There was a problem loading the document" It was an EPUB library book downloaded with Adobe Digital Editions to my computer and I tried it with 2 different books.

                                      Any ideas ?

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                                        I just purchased my first eBook with the belief that I could read it on my iPad using txtr. However, although you can seem to upload the files following the method pastorjlo mentions above, txtr does not seem to allow files sizes greater than 20MB. My book is a large (expensive) text book of 47MB which I can not read where I need to read it.


                                        If anyone has any suggestions about how to reduce the file size or divide the book up into three parts I would be greatful?

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                                          Great instructions.  


                                          GreatThis worked perfectly.



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                                            Yes, Bluefire is the answer, just tried it and it was quick and easy.

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                                              Bluefire works but the instructions on how to load a book are FOUR PAGES LONG!  One person above lists a simple 20 STEP PROCESS to load a book.


                                              (Meanwhile back at the library) [crickets chirp] Marianne (madame librarian):  I wonder why nobody is using our wonderful new ebooks? Well, I suppose I'll just go dust the old paper books again.

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                                                For library books, I download a free app named Overdrive. I can even access the library through it. I used them for audiobooks on my Zune and they provided great support.

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                                                  Temporary Solution:

                                                  For everyone, IF you can purchase the same PDF ebook title from any one source - vendor, distibutor, [your choice here] - that does not download only into the Adobe(TM) Digital Editions software; then go for it.


                                                  Preceding Thought:

                                                  From the Top View, Adobe is tackling international legal situations - which for this period in time, between 1989 (first burgeoning year of public internet access) and now 15 Nov 2012 - is still an extreme newborn situation, those very few individuals who sincerely care for All Cultures generally, relative to the total population of the entire earth are managing to guide this legal (appearance of a) nightmare.


                                                  The single most signficant peave I have is assuming one way is always the best way, this includes proprietary formats that do not use a single Global Multimedia Interconnectivity Standard in the core - which for reference the World Wide Web Consortium ("W3C" colloquially) was created to help prevent mitigate the use of any one proprietary format and build a globally-connecting increasingly more simple to learn and use system of technical web languages.


                                                  However, from seeing (of those I experienced and not all inclusive) how Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Amazon, and all small and medium sized business are interacting, all this cognitive dissoance is very similar Globally how we as individuals are thinking locally; trying to "Solve problems to simplify Life".


                                                  If there is feature you would like to see, request through their feedback channels - constructively, not destructively; and with patience. These modern tools are not easy for any one person alone to make.


                                                  Sorry for the rant folks, early morning - past midnight -, a mind that works like a very very deep sponge, and a severely horizontal trans-disciplinary mindset.


                                                  Sincerely: Cheers, and Thank you for being You-nique!

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                                                    sjpt Level 4

                                                    Another way to transfer DRM .epub books to iPad is to use Dropbox. 

                                                    The Dropbox app on the iPad can then open them in Bluefire.

                                                    Dropbox will initially say 'Unable to view file', but if you click on the top right icon in Dropbox it will give options such as 'Open in Bluefire Reader' and 'Open in OverDrive', depending what is installed.

                                                    (Just checked, the Bluefire option works fine but that route into OverDrive doesn't seem to work for me.)


                                                    Still a bit indirect, but saves the horrors of iTunes (for those whose opinion of iTunes is similar to mine ....)

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                                                      vikro Level 1

                                                      SIMPLE STEPS

                                                      1.DOWNLOAD BLUEFIRE READER ON IPAD

                                                      2.GO TO APPS TAB IN ITUNES OF UR COMPUETER

                                                      3.SCROLL BELOW..FILE SHARING

                                                      4.SELECT BLUEFIRE FROM LIST..

                                                      5.ON RIGHT HAND SIDE ..GO TO ADD..SELECT THAT ADE EPUB FILE..

                                                      THATS IT..

                                                      (ADE FILE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED FROM NET WILL BE THERE IN "My Digital Editions" FOLDER IN YOUR PC)

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                                                        Ivan X

                                                        Absolutely true. Thought I'd add that I was able to accomplish same even more easily by using CrashPlan, which already had my whole computer backed up, so all I had to do was go "restore" the PDF from within the CrashPlan app, click the icon the upper right, and open in Bluefire Reader. Worked great.

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                                                          I found that Bluefire Reader will open an .acsm file on an iPad.  Thank the Lord...and those of you that suggested it!!

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                                                            I just went through the trouble of creating an adobe id just to say: "Adobe, if you want to add drm on files, kindly make sure you provide a proper app to IOS and Android, you ....recanted..

                                                            This makes people revert to piracy because it is ALOT easier than to have to be a computer expert to navigate this spider web of DRM just to read a book on my IPAD!"


                                                            Thanks very much pastorjlo for the txtr help. I will be using THAT store in the future.


                                                            Kind Regards to all you awesome people sharing the pain


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                                                              Angel1989 Level 1

                                                              It's a pity that Adobe doesn't provide us the adobe digital editions for ipad.


                                                              But don't worry we can use another alternatives to replace it, play the same role on reading adobe books on iPad.


                                                              Adobe Digital Editions for iPad Alternative



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                                                                I use Overdrive on both my Ipad and my Iphone and it works fine with Adobe Digital Editions.  I mostly use if with my library which downloads directly to the app.  For other books I can download it to my computer and then transfer it by emailing it to myself at an account I can access on the ipad (just click on the downloaded file to open it in Overdrive).  I can also download directly by purchasing on the web using the ipad. 

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                                                                  How do I find the book?  I have bluefire on my ipad - what is next step? 

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                                                                    I have same problem. Haму you found a solution?


                                                                    I download ADE on my computer. Downloaded book. Registered for ID. Downloaded Bluefire reader on id. Entered ADE ID. No book. What i have to do? Somebody please help!!!!!!! 


                                                                    I have never had so many problems with a simple book.

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                                                                      jul206 Level 1

                                                                      Dear KBALT ... Please let me know how you upload book the BLuefire reader?

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                                                                        The big event of 2015 is adobe digital editions for iPad available in eBook industry. Download free adobe digital editions for iPad now!

                                                                        2-15-2015 5-26-58 PM.png

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                                                                          FlashTapper Level 1

                                                                          Yep nickl20263810 is right.


                                                                          More instructions syncing ebooks with Adobe DE on iPad here:


                                                                          I hope this helps someone else out but I recently came accross the Adobe Digital Editions app within the app store and downloaded it to my iPad. At first I was pulling my hair out trying to sync ebooks across using the Adobe DE application on my macbook and it was not recognising it no matter what I did. This in itself is the issue, this method might work for Kindles, Kobos and other electronic book readers but it will not work for Apple devices.


                                                                          What Apple fail to mention is that you need to transfer content across using the iTunes library (like music and video media). First of all, get the location of your ebook on your computer (you can right click on it in the DE library and get item info). Then open up iTunes and get to your apps area, select the Adobe DE app.


                                                                          Then scroll down to the bottom and look for the "Add button". Then go looking for the location on your computer with the ebook file is (you should have got this information from the Adobe DE application on your computer). You add the ebook and then hit the "sync" button.




                                                                          Not very clear on Adobe and Apple's part but there you go.

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                                                                            No need to sync, just open the app on the iPad and the book will load.

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                                                                              FlashTapper Level 1

                                                                              yes I just noticed this functionality later today. Problem is that the Adobe dev team need to put ALOT more development work into the DE app (for iOS at least). It just cannot stack up against the other readers out there, it sucks pretty bad.


                                                                              after much frustration I went and downloaded blue fire reader. Wow it just poops all over DE....

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                                                                                FlashTapper Level 1

                                                                                @jul and @akadolph - add the book via iTunes and sync with the app. Locate the ePub or PDF file on your computer and sync it in iTunes with blue fire. Meh you prob already figures that out by now as my reply is like 6 months later....