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    Customizing panel titlebar

    brischt Level 1
      maybe someone can help me with this as I'm fairly new to building Flash/Flex applications.

      What I would like to do is having a panel like the standard mx:panel from Flex, but I need to add child controls to the titlebar. In fact, there should be a logo on the left, a separate flash animation in the main part and two lines of text on the right (saying something like "Welcome user blabla" and "Current time is...".

      Is there any way to achieve this with the standard panel? Or, if not, is there any (affordable) component to buy which can act as a panel replacement?

      Thanks for any help,

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          There is no need to replace the panel with other.I think if u create one swf like panel in flash.then assign it to the panel as in style.and make the headerHeight = 0;now assign css to the panel now ur panel show like it has header but actually it has not header.Now u can put any component to the header.

          I hope this will help you

          Megha shah
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            batmitra Level 1
            there are 2 ways of doing what you want:

            1- The hard way - You have to extend the panel class and add childs to its title bar, i think it was Peter Ent that show me once, but at the moment i'm not able to show you an example

            2- The easy way, you just have to do a flex component where you put a panel and add your controls on a canvas right above the title bar, then you add that control to the main application.