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    Drop Down Box Choose A Name and Have only the first name show up


      I am creating a form for health care.


      I have a drop down box with names of Physicians... their full names so they can be easily identified. And then subsequent fields that will be populated based off of the choice. However What I need is that after the full name from the drop down list is selected than only the Dr's First name shows up in the box to be distributed through out the file. All the rest of the information is already in using this Java:




          case "MD":


              form1.Page1.Physician1LastName.rawValue = " Acccc";


              form1.Page1.Physician1Number.rawValue = "1111111111";


              form1.Page1.Physician1Fax.rawValue = "2222222222";


              form1.Page1.ClientEmail.rawValue = "none@email.com";


              form1.Page1.Physician1Address.rawValue = "xyz suite ";


              form1.Page1.Physician1City.rawValue = "XYY CIth";


              form1.Page1.Physician1State.rawValue = "XZ";


              form1.Page1.Physician1Zip.rawValue = "11111";


              form1.Page1.Physician1NPI.rawValue = "111111111";


              form1.Page1.Physician1License.rawValue = "ABBB111111";


              form1.Page1.Physician1UPIN.rawValue = "A11111";


              form1.Page1.Physician1Specialization.rawValue = "Internist";

















      And is working beautifully thanks for previous help everyone.


      Here is the example from the Drop Down list choices:


           Dr. Aaaaa Abb Accccc

           Dr. Baaaa Bbb Bccccc


      I would like to choose :

           Dr. Aaaaa A Aaaaa

      and upon chosing it have it show only the first name in that field so it can be processed correctly through out the rest of the fields.


      ie:    Aaaaa   (Only nothing else)


      I am a horrible at this stuff I just surf around until I find something that works and copy and paste and play until it works


      So Please be specific:

      Java vs FOrm: Client: Choice   and code ....



      Thanks SO much ....