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    XML to respect Carriage Way Returns

    Niall O'Donovan Level 7



      I started a project where I bound a text area to a string, which included \n for carriage returns. This worked OK.


      However I am now using a http service call to access a XML file and populate the text areas. Some text areas are lengthy and I still want to have carriage returns / new lines.


      Because the data is now coming in via XML, the '\n' is not respected.


      I am unsure if I should use the new text layout framework to format the data coming in for paragraphs OR use the htmlText property of the old mx: component OR some other approach. In total there are six separate text areas that will need to display the data as paragraphs, so I am looking for the most efficient / cleanest way of achieving this.


      I am using Flash Builder 4.


      Thanks in advance,