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    Padding to left of Banner button

    LPMichael Level 1

      I am using RoboHTML x8.0.2

      I am generating WebHelp

      I have the following buttons on the main toolbar:


      Contents, Index, Search, Banner (Help About) and a custom button.


      All of the buttons use graphics with no text.


      After generating the help, I have modified the whstart.js file to reposition the buttons on the main toolbar in the following order:




      When the banner button is positioned first, there is a pronounced space between the left border/edge and the start of the graphic used for the banner button. I have tested moving other buttons first, and the space does not appear to be a setting betwee the border/edge and the first button. This additional space appears to be only to the left of the banner button.


      The banner graphic is the name of the product (Bond Analytics Solution) and I have checked my graphic file for the size. It does not have any dead space between the left edge of the graphic and the start of the text in the graphic.


      I have checked our dependable Skinny on Skins and see nothing related to this. I have customized WebHelp layout for 4 other products and do not have this problem (they were all built in RoboHTML x5).


      I thought I had dealt with this in the past, but can find nothing in my customization notes and (after moving the buttons around) see it is definitely related to the "banner" button and not any other predefined or custom buttons.


      Anyone have any information on this? As always, thanks in advance for any assistance/guidance.


      Michael F Weart

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          LPMichael Level 1

          Additonal information:


          I have identical setup on other product help projects where I do not have this problem.


          I customize the following files:


          whskin_banner.htm - to customize my Help About window

          whstart.js - to customize the positions of the buttons

          whtbars.js - to customize the size of the Help About window when opened


          I also customize the SKN file to modify the height of the main toolbar (first instance of frameset rows) and the hide the minitoolbar (2nd instance of frameset rows).


          I had been using these customizations for quite some time.


          I tried applying an older set of customization files to the WebHelp and the problem has disappeared.

          I think I had this problem in the past and modified something in whtbars.js to correct the extra dead space.


          So, my problem is resolved but I do not know what I did in the original customized files to correct this issue.


          Is there some customization that can be done in the whtbar.js file (that I do not have in my notes for customizations) that corrects the problem I encountered?


          Thanks again --


          Michael F Weart