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    Optimum Settings?


      First off... I have a MacPro, 2.93 Ghz Quad core Xeon, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB 7200rpm HDD, and NVidia GT120 graphics card with 512 MB video memory.



      My question is:

           What is the best way to configure After Effects CS4 to work with a system like mine? This graphics card supports Open GL and it is the default setting of After Effects to have Open GL enabled for video preview. I have read in forums, however, that it is better to disable open GL and simply use multiprocessing. This confuses me! I do very large and detailed projects in After Effects and have played with these settings to see what differences are made. I can't seem to tell much of a difference between the two. I just want to get the optimum performance out of this machine. I was considering upgrading my graphics card to the Mac version of the GTX285 and buying the adapter from DVI to mini display so I can still use my 24" cinema display but the forums I have seen counter this thought. HELP!!


      For whomever considers answering this:


      First off THANK YOU, Secondly I thought I would let you know that while running After Effects I often am either working in Premiere Pro CS4 or Final Cut Pro and occasionally online browsing music, etc... I know this makes a difference in the allocation of RAM so I thought I'd mention it. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Start here, and please answer back with further questions:

          "What are the optimum settings for best performance in After Effects CS4 and CS5?"

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            Without having to read detailed articles, here's a few tips.

            First I'm assuming you have a single processor quad.

            1. Add more RAM - 16GB minimum for a single processor quad 4.

            2. Disable use Open GL in the AE prefs. It has long been problematic causing system hangs.

            3. Turn on disk cache in AE prefs. If you can, set the cache location to another internal disk other than the boot drive.

            4. Turn off "use multiprocessor" when working and doing RAM previews. Multiprocessor will really slow you down while working.

            5. Turn on multiprocessor right before you render. If you are working in HD or larger comps, allocate 2GB+ per processor. Keep at least 1 processor

            available for other apps and set at least 3GB of RAM to be used for other apps. (especially if you are trying to run FCP at the same time.

            In CS4, there is a slider for longer RAM previews vs. faster renders. It's tempting to slide this all the way to the right, but you'll get best performance if you leave roughly 1GB for foreground processes.

            6. If you can deal with all the other bugs that CS5 has, upgrade. It has MUCH better optimization for multiprocessors and on our very complex project test, it was 300% faster than CS4.


            RAM will be the biggest help.

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              ELew61 Level 1

              Thanks a million for taking the time and effort to answer in such detail. This is exactly what I've been looking for! Good stuff.



              Thanks again,