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    How to cut a 3D object


      Hi there


      I am trying to cut a 3D object, and be able to move both pieces later freely. It would be similar to the "knife" option for the 2D objects, where the knife defines the line that cuts and slipts the object into two pieces. Does it exist something similar for a 3D object? In that case, instead of a line, this time it should be a "plane-cut", that will cut the 3D object into two pieces. Imagine a cylilnder in 3D and after that define a "plane-cut" that allows me to split this cylinder into two pieces that retain the 3D view.


      Many thanks !



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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          There are no 3D objects in Illustrator, so what you ask is not directly possible. Illustrator can apply 3D effects to 2D objects, which gives the appearance of a third dimension, but this is extremely limited. You might b apple to achieve acceptable results by applying a 3D effect to two 2D objects, the result of splitting the original path you applied the effect to.

          If you show us what you want by posting a screen grab we can discuss ways to achieve the desired appearance.

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            mmdlcm Level 1

            Thanks for the answer.


            Here attached a "print-scren" of what I am trying to do. So, my idea is to do a cylinder with a four edges pyramid and with a flat apex. So the two circles represent the "top view" of the final object I am trying to draw.


            Any suggestions are more than welcome !






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              mmdlcm Level 1

              Sorry... I think these two circles are quite confusing...  maybe this new screenshot is better  (top view and lateral view)





              thanks again





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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                If you mean this i just extruded a rectangle and gave it a bevel with a large enough depth for the desired look then drew an circle ellipse and aligned it to center the extruded and beveled rectangle in this case a square and selected all ndmade a clipping mask. I diplicted that went into isolatio mode and changed the lighting.


                BTW you have to add a light source in the 3D effect and play with the placement and ambiance etc.



                Screen shot 2010-07-15 at 4.38.30 PM.png

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                  mmdlcm Level 1

                  Thanks for your idea. Yes, actually this is how I made the "top view" of the previous screen-shot I sent. However, when I do the 3D view of that object, it looks like a flat disk instead of a cylinder with the top pyramid.



                  thanks again for your help



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                    Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                    Trouble is that Illie's 3D thingummy is totally spastic.

                    In the late lamented Dimensions you could put bits and pieces together like mmdicm want to do.

                    But in Illie you can't make a scenario of separate 3D parts, only one basic object at a time.


                    I still have to hop back to an ancient pre-OSX Mac when this kind of 3D stuff comes along.

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                      As suggested by the others, you are simly looking at the wrong program AI is devoid of any 3D CAD/ construction features. You better learn to use programs like formZ, MOI 3D or "proper" CAD programs, if that is a common requirement in your workflow.