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    import images ?

      is there a way to import images and align them with anything other than the top left hand corner. i'm trying to set up an image gallery with both portrait and landscape images and the layout of my page means that it would work and look far better if the bottom right hand corners all lined up and they were imported to sit that way straight away.

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          injpix Level 3
          I believe there isn’t a way to change the x/y coordinates of an imported image into a movieclip. However you can load the image and only when it’s fully loaded, find the image's _width and _height values, and then align the image with these values.
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            cubby47 Level 1
            thanks yeah, this is what i suspected. i'll just need to get it to detect the width and height to determine if it's portrait or landscape and then move it accordingly with a wee IF statement.