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    How do I make an action/batch that will vectorize multiple .jpegs (at least 24) then export as .jpeg


      I've had trouble with this.  Yesterday i couldn't get it to work at all.  This morning I was able to convert the .jpegs into vectors by first rasterizing, then selecting make and expand (in retrospect i could probably just use the make and expand, skip the rasterize), but it always skips the export step after vectizing.  I made another batch action that exported the vectors to .jpeg, but it shouldn't require two different batch actions to do this one activity.  Also, space is a major concern, ideally I would like the images to be vectorized, converted(or exported) to .jpeg, then the .ai file deleted so that I won't use as much space.


      Any advice on how I can get this process of vecotizing and exporting multiple images (I am trying to rotoscope a movie, so it could easily end up being thousands) to .jpeg in one easy batch/action?


      Will I need to use a script?  If so, any advice or downloadable scripts


      I am using illustrator 4 on a mac