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    saved .psd as .ai and artboards won't behave....

    martcol Level 4

      Sorry if this is basic question but I don't really know where to start looking to see if this is a straight forward behaviour or not.  I'm in CS4.


      I opened up a .psd file and saved it as .ai file from within Illustrator.


      First though: I notice that the color panel doesn't have any colors in it.  You know, when you click one of these icons to change fill or stroke color:




      Then I wanted to place a smaller artboard in the inside of the default artboard (the original document boundary) so that I could save a web graphic that's a part of the image but I can get to place a new artboard in the artboard view but save for web just wants to print the default artboard.


      Hope that's clear.



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          martcol Level 4

          Numpty Alert!


          Checked Clip to Artboard.  Things going a little smoother now!


          Still perplexed about the swatch think though?



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            sanjaysingh82 Level 1

            To draw Artboard inside artboard:


            if you want to draw an Artboard Inside Artboard using artboard tool follow the follwing steps:

            select artboard tool to go in artboard tool mode-> mouse over the area on which you want to draw the artboard -> press shift and start drawing artboard and once you have started drawing artboard release shift and continue drawing artboard.



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              martcol Level 4

              Thank you for chipping in Sanjaysingh84.


              I think my problem arose because I had unchecked clip to artboard.  I could not work out why save for web kept defaulting to the document boundaries.  I kept activating the artboard I wanted and it wouldn't work.  I thought that it had happened because I saved a .psd file and something strange was going on.  I haven't done that much as I usually start from a new document in Illy.


              Any idea about the color selecting thing?  I've noticed before that some documents don't seem to have any swatches available in that flyout box and I don't know how to fill it with colors.


              Many thanks