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    PrE 8.0 not loading properly.

    Big Al Woodley Level 1

      Kiaora from New Zealand


      I have been using Premiere elements 8 over the past few weeks and as I get towards the end of projects my computer starts to get clunky and chunk out a bit.  I decided to close whatever background programmes I wasnt using in order for PrE to run smoother.  However I must have closed something that enabled me to actually view the editor.  I try to run the editor (by opening a new project) and it loads and I can see it is running in task manager and there is a PrE box in my taskbar but I cannot actually see the editor at all.  I have tried opening new and old projects.  The organizer works.  Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I might have closed?   I have unistalled and reinstalled and still have the same problem.  Furthermore the adminisrator account runs the programme fine on my computer, so its obviously a function I that allows me to view the editor that has been closed.


      Thanks Al  

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Please tell, per the note at the top of this forum, what type of camcorder your video came from and how you got it into your computer. Also let us

          know which project settings you're using in Premiere Elements.


          What operating system are you using, how fast is your processor is and how much RAM do you have?


          As you edit, is there a red line above your clips on your timeline? If so, you must render regularly by pressing the Enter key. When the line turns green, your performance should improve greatly -- assuming you're using the right settings for your project and a standard video format.


          Finally, have you gone to Help and selected Check for Updates to get the 8.01 patch for Premiere Elements?

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            Big Al Woodley Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            My last post was a bit ill informed.  The camera I use is a Canon Legria HFS10.  Generally I shoot in MXP mode but occasionally xp+.  My computer specs are in the attached jpeg.  I transfer the video onto my computer by adding it to the hard drive (actually an external hard drive) and then import the media to PrE from there.  I use "PAL-AVCHD-Full HD 1080i 25 5.1 channel" as my settings.  My question is much more simpler than above.  My question is...is my computer too old and defunct to run this software properly.  Are there workarounds that might enable me to use the PrE with this computer.  This is a work computer and I am awaiting an upgrade.  I haven't uploaded the 8.01 patch yet either.  Is this essential?   


            Regarding the rendering, yes I was rendering as I went.  PrE now loads on my computer, however I am worried that (like last time), I will get to the end of a project and PrE will stop loading because my computer cannot handle the workload.


            Thanks for you responsepremier1.JPG

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Well, the good news is that your computer is not too old and outmoded to run Premiere Elements.


              The bad news is that it's probably not powerful to edit AVCHD video, which, as I point out in my books, needs more like a quad core processor at minimum.


              If you don't mind the program limping along and your having to wait for it to catch up with you as you work, you can probably still work with this type of video. But you'll likely find that kind of frustrating.


              I wish I could give you more advice or better news. It's just that AVCHD is a very intensive format to work with.


              But that should not stop the program from at least starting up for you! As I've said, you've got a plenty powerful computer to edit standard def and maybe even HDV video, so there's no excuse for it not at least opening to a new project. Have you got at least 30 gigs of free space on your C drive, and do you regularly remove your temp files and spyware and defragment your drive, per the FAQs to the right of this forum?



              (I'm also assuming you've got the 8.01 update patch for the program.)


              If you can at least get the program running, then one solution is to convert the AVCHD to HDV, per this FAQ. Then you should easily be able to edit it with your system.



              Hope that helps. There's lots more in my books, if you're interested.