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    OSMF 10.1 SWC Compiling issues

    ScreenName1710b Level 1

      I've been trying to use the 10.1 OSMF.swc that is currently provided on the OSMF downloads page. I am also using the 10.1 playerglobal.swc file.

      Trying to use it to re-compile the example OSMFPlayer, that comes in the samples.


      When compling, I get a series of missing DRM classes. This happens in FlashBuilder 4 or Flex 3.



      If I use the straight AS classes from the trunk, this doesn't happen - the OSMFPlayer compiles and works correctly.


      When I try to compile a simple OSMF player in Flash from the .swc - I can get nothing to play in it (rtmp, or http)- but it doesn't throw any compile errors.

      However, when I build a project with identical code but use the "trunk" as files - everything works fine.


      Is there something I'm missing in order to get this SWC to work?(and I'd rather not rebuild the swc because it might not match to what Adobe puts out).


      Thanks for your help in advance.