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    New mac pro, CS5 crashes, where to start?


      I have a new mac pro which crashes daily while using After Effects (and photoshop). I've seen some indication that this could be a driver issue with the 2 nvidia cards that came preinstalled, or an Adobe issue. Running 10.6.4 Snow Leopard. I can recreate this sometimes by scrubbing the after effects timeline with a spotlight casting a shadow on another layer. The system locks up, left monitor flashes black and I have to hard rest. This is super frustrating, apple has twice told me it's Adobe, but I don't know. All I do know as a business owner is that I'm $13,000 invested in hardware / software that don't seem to work together and I don't have many other options as this is what i do for living. Any thoughts at all? Anyone have any ideas?


      2x2.93 quad core xeon

      16gb 1066 ddr3

      level 5 raid with 4 1TB drives

      OSX 10.6.4


      2 nvidia 120 cards

      2 24" cinema displays (one per card)


      thanks in advance