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    Having Difficulty Recording Voice Over in Premiere Pro CS5

    david pro Level 1

      Hi there.


      I have been recording voice overs in PPro CS5 for a couple of months now, but today it is no longer working.I am able to record using both Soundbooth and Garageband without problems, yet PPro won't record. When I open Audio Hardware, it recognizes my US-122 as an option, so it's sees that it's there.


      I have created a Mono Audio Track, switched my Tascam US-122 to Mono and followed the procedure to record audio. The playbar moves, yet the program picks up no audio.


      I'm on an iMac quad core, 8GB RAM, OSX. I'm using a Tascam US-122 plugged in via USB.


      Anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?


      Thank you sincerely,